Perks of Pelvic Balance during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural process that allows the female body to modify itself to create the proper environment for fetal growth and development. Our bodies are designed to carry and birth babies. However, pregnancy is commonly treated as an illness that requires a diagnosis or intervention for best outcomes. As natural health care providers, we strive to provide our mamas with information and care that allows their bodies to function at its fullest potential during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery.

Let's start with a brief anatomy lesson. The female pelvis is evolutionary built for child birth. It is wider to allow for uterine expansion and exit of the baby. The pelvis consists of bones and ligaments that house and attach the uterus. These components need to work together for optimal birth outcomes.

Pelvic Bones:
Pelvic Ligaments:
During pregnancy, the expanding uterus and hormonal changes impact the pelvic bones and ligaments. Pelvic shape or physical traumas to the tailbone may result in tightening and twisting of the ligaments, which impacts prenatal comfort, fetal positioning, and birth outcomes. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, gentle way to decrease pelvic tension and allow the body to adapt and function as it was designed to. Below are a few benefits of getting adjusted during pregnancy, as well as recommendations we give our mamas.

Benefits for Mom:
Benefits for Baby: