Days 5-7

These are by far the most difficult days of the detox. What will get you through this is knowing that after day 7 you get to start eating real food again! The importance behind these particular fruits and vegetables is that they promote phase I of the detox process in our bodies- which is most often where people get "stalled". The other key to getting through these days is STAYING BUSY! Go for a walk, organize your closet, scrub your bathroom... anything will be better than focusing on food.

For the following 3 days, I am going to give a general outline of what you can eat, and give a few suggested recipes to "jazz things up a bit". Know that you can cook these vegetables many other ways, and if you get creative on your own, all the power to you.

The produce available to you on days 5-7 is:

Also, at this point you should be drinking 2 scoops of powder 3x a day. 

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts
Now if you think you don't like brussel sprouts, try preparing them this way. Eating these got me through the 3 days last time I did the detox. When caramelized like this, they have a much heartier flavor. 
German Cabbage
Kale Chips
Mashed Cauliflower
Baked Apple (or pear)
Broccoli with Lemon

Remember that if you fall off the wagon, don't be disappointed in yourself and feel the whole detox has been wasted. Just make the rest of your meals that day according to the plan, and drink lots of water. 
I advised a patient who knew she was being taken out for Mother's day brunch on Sunday, to stick with 1 cup of regular, black coffee, lemon water, and fruits and vegetables. Stay vegetarian, avoid condiments, and avoid sauces. 

Good luck!